Becoming an Instructor

As the number of community-based  births increases across the US, the need for newborn resuscitation training geared to the special needs of the OOH setting is growing as well.

The Biodynamic Resuscitation of the Newborn (BRN) program provides exactly that training,  Qualified BRN Instructors are needed to educate the midwives and other providers who work in the field, away from the technology and pediatric specialists found in the hospital.

How to Become a BRN Instructor:

The first step in becoming a BRN Instructor is to take a BRN Provider workshop, as you must first be a BRN trained Provider before becoming a BRN Instructor.  While holding an NRP card is helpful, it is not sufficient as the two programs differ in important respects.  (see About BRN)

After successfully completing the BRN Provider training, you next submit a completed Instructor Application form, along with supporting documentation and the application fee of $200.
Once your application is accepted, you will be sent the Instructor Candidate materials.  These include:

  • The Instructor Exam Study Guide
  • The Instruction Blueprint
  • Exam Proctor Information Form
  • Request to Take Written Instructor Exam Form
  • BRN Policies and Procedures
  • BRN Instructor Agreement

Next, you will need to arrange for a proctor to oversee your written exam.  Once you’ve selected a proctor, you will notify the BRN office by completing the “Request to Take Written Instructor Exam” form; you will also pay the written examination fee of $64 at that time.  This fee does not cover any fee charged by the proctor.  Your proctor must complete and return the “Exam Proctor Information” form to the BRN  office as well.

Next, you must take, and pass, the written Instructor exam.  You must score 90% or better on each section of the exam.

Once you have passed the written exam, you will receive access to the “For Instructors” page on the BRN website, which includes the contents of the Provider workshop handouts packet, checklists, the written and skills Provider exams and key, and other materials you will need to plan and teach your own workshop.

Next, you must successfully teach a BRN Provider workshop under the direct supervision of a BRN approved supervisor.  You must pay the expenses for the supervisor’s travel and lodgings.  Under certain circumstances, the supervision can occur via Skype or some other real-time distance method.

Finally, after signing the “BRN Instructor Agreement,” you pay the Instructor Certification fee of $100.  Instructor certification is good for three years.

At that time, you will receive your BRN Instructor Certificate, and can teach BRN workshops without supervision.  When teaching, you must follow the Instruction Blueprint, including having adequate training equipment and supplies for each student in your workshop. And you must follow all BRN policies and procedures.

You must teach the BRN Provider workshop at least six times within your three year certification  to maintain your Instructor status.

BRN Instructor Application Form (uploaded May 24, 2017)

If you have further questions, please fill out the form below and we will contact you.